African Son Rise
African Son Rise
African Son Rise

African Son Rise

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African Son Rise                Designer Flag Bag

  • The Son Sets on Varies Shades of Blues
  • Imported Shimmer Flag Bag Fabric
  • Accented with Gold Breaded Pipping Trim
  • 1 - Gold Keyring Fob
  • 1 - Small Pocket & 1 Large Pocket
  • 100%  'NO' Snagging  of Your Flags
  • All Seams Sealed with Bias Tape 
  • A Durable Carrying Handle
  • Measures  41” h x 13.5” w  ~  100% Waxed Cotton
  • Holds 15-25 Sets of Flags, Depending on Flag Sizes 
  • 100% Coated Mesh for a Durable Body
  • Well-constructed with a Durable Rubber Bottom
  • One of a Kind Flag Bag

The Perfect Place To Store Your Warring Flags!!                          Protect What's Most Important To You, Your Silk Flags!!

Please watch this YouTube Flag Bag Review done by             Kimberly Brown-Phillips - Here you will see the full extent             of each Flag Bag's functionality :