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We are called to raise up a stander 

Information on my SILK Flags:

I have 3 weights of Silk Habotai Fabric - 5mm - 8mm - 10mm

Not sure what the 'mm' stands for?     (pronounced:  MOM ME)              It's the weight of the Silk fabric, the lower the number the lighter weight the fabric.  5mm is light weight and almost see thru.  The 'higher' the number the heavier the silk fabric and more durable.  

The weight I like the most for Silk Flags is the 8mm, it's more durable than the 5mm and not as heavy as the 10mm. 

The 10mm will last you longer BUT I highly recommend the 10mm for shorter Flags, the larger and longer the Flag the 'heavier' the flag will be and can get very tiring when having to Flag for a looooog service!  So the 8mm is best.

Features of my Designer Flags:

  • ALL Flags Are  'Hand Made' & "ONE of A KIND"
  • All Flags Are Made in the USA
  • Flags Are Meant to Be Used As a Worship Tool 
  • I Carry 5mm Light Weight Silks
  • I Carry 8mm Medium Weight Silks
  • I Carry 10mm Heavy Weight Silks
  • All Flags Measure From 36" to 45"  (Flag Width)
  • Lengths of Flags Measures From:  36" to 72" long
  • ALL Flags are 100% Habotai Silk  - Unless Otherwise Listed 
  • ALL Rods Are Durable Fiberglass  


Don't Forget To Order Your Custom Made Flag Bag  &/or Flag Bag Tote To Store Your Flags & Protect Them From The Elements!

Watch this YouTube Review done by Kimberly Brown-Phillips - Here you will see the full extent of the function of each Flag Bag:

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