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We The People   *****   Dec 31, 2019 


I just want to say, these bags are absolutely beautiful.   They are made very well and very durable. You can see the time and love put into each bag.       I have had a bag for close to 10 years now and it is still holding up to the quality. I recommend these bags to pertect your flags. Perfect size.

Thank you,  Ramona Helfer



After the Battle    *****    Oct 13, 2019        


      I recently purchased this bag for my flags and I am so so thankful for it. I treasure my flags and have been weary about getting the wrong bag. Well!!!! This bag!!! It is definitely made for the purpose Of protecting and carrying the flags with honor. The maker is anointed to craft these. You know she is truest on assignment and doing it to the Glory of God

      Kim Blackmon


      Leather Bound      *****      Aug 7, 2019

        I love the sturdy contruction of this bag. I currently have 30 sets of flags in it, that I can remove and replace with only slight difficulty . . I think she said up to 25 and I know I'm pushing my luck! I love that this bag is not girly as I am not a girly girl at all! The only one like it I've seen!  I intend to purchase another.  Just gorgeous!

        Melinda Lohne


        Worth it!    ****         September 23, 2019

        I would've given it 5 stars if it had some kind of closure. (Drawstring maybe?) I looked up the scripture, didn't quite get how it went with the name of the bag, maybe I need to read it again?   But other than that... I LOVE MY BAG!!! Even without the closure it was worth the investment!    I love the fragrance you anointed it with as well! I can't believe how quickly it was received! Wait til you see the pic, it's almost as big as me! LOL                                                                                          Thank you so much!                                                                                                                                   Marie Sondra Brito


        Unparalleled Quality   *****  May 1, 2019

        This is by far the best flag bag I have purchased to date. The quality, workmanship and material used is top notch. She even embroidered my name!!  I absolutely love your work Maria! Job Well Done!!   I won't have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. Made to last!! Totally worth the investment!                                      Leslie Carter


          MAKER     *****   Jan 12, 2019 

        This bag, looks like it's made of Leather!                                                                                                   Maria

        IT GETS NO BETTER THAN THIS!   *****   3/3/2019

        I love my Flag Bag and color combination is spot on. It is strong, sturdy and well made. The workmanship is excellent, too! I received my Flag Bag in record time. Fast Response from the owner. Thanks GloryRing for excellent Customer Service! Pastor Bobbie Jones Grayer, Parade of Nations Global Worship Gathering - Chicago IL                                                                                  Elect Lady Bobbie Grayer


        WE LOVE OUR FLAG BAG!  *****  Oct 12, 2018

        We ordered a beautiful butterfly print flag bag and we absolutely love it! Not only is it beautiful but the quality is amazing. I love the outside pockets. I use the top one for my bottle of water and my tripod/selfie stick. The bottom pocket is huge. I put flagging books and my Bluetooth speaker in it and have room for a whole lot more. The interior of the flag bag is huge as well. I need to buy a lot more flags to start filling it up! I love the key ring that is made on the flag bag. Not only is it handy to hook my keys on but I also use it to hang the bag on the hook at home. There is also a great shoulder strap for carrying the bag. I will definitely be back to buy another one when I fill this one up.

        Jolene Ponce


        WOW!       *****       Aug 2, 2018

        Amazing quality. Holds about 20 of my flags that range from single layer to triple layer.                                 Jennifer Bennett

        I LOVE MY BAG!    *****  April 2018

        I had a smaller bag that was actually for a long shofar. I bought some new flags and needed a larger bag. I looked at many bags on the internet and finally decided to buy one here that was black and silver. I love it!!! There is so much room for my flags and it's convenient and pretty. I'm so happy I chose to purchase my flag bag from