Flag Bag Totes

Investing in Your Quill Flags!!

This is the Perfect Flag Bag Tote for your Quill Flags!!      
The Perfect Way To Store Your Warring Flags!!            
Protect What's Most Important To You, Your Silk Flags!! 

Features of a Flag Bag Tote:          

  • All Totes are "ONE of A KIND"
  • Ideal for Your Quill Wire Folded Flags
  • All seams are Sealed with Seam Binding to Prevent any Snagging
  • Keyring Fob
  • Outside Pockets  10"- 12" h
  • Inside Pockets  9"- 10" h
  • Measures From 15.5”- 22"  h x 18”- 23" w x 4"- 8" d   
  • Fabric 100% Cotton  'or' as Listed
  • 100% Coated Vinyl Mesh for a Durable Body
  • Well-constructed & Durable 
  • One of a Kind Flag Bag Tote

Praise & worship flags are more than a piece of fabric on a pole; they are powerful tools for Worship & Warfare!!                       The LORD said, through Jeremiah, "Lift up a Banner, and Proclaim!"            

Song of Solomon 2:4 says:  My Banner over you is "LOVE"

Custom Order are Welcomed:

  • Send me your fabric & I will make up a Flag Bag Tote for you  -   NO extra cost - 1 Yard is needed
  • I can make Matching Flag Bag Totes to Match your Flag Bag!!
  • I can make Team bags, with Logos
  • I can customize the height & width of your Flag Bag Tote


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