The Tallit" is pronounced "Tah leet", plural is tallitot (tallits).  It is also called a "talis" (plural is taleisim) in modern Hebrew. TALITH contains two Hebrew words: TAL meaning tent and ITH meaning little. Literally a LITTLE TENT.

The most important part of the tallit  is the tzitzit on its corners. The design of the tallit itself only has a few requirements. The tallit must be long enough to be worn over the shoulders (as a shawl), not just around the neck (as a scarf), to fulfill the requirement that the tzitzis be on a "garment." You will find today many beautiful designs that will reflect a specific biblical message.  It may be made of any material, but must not be made of a combination of wool and linen, because that combination is forbidden on any clothing according to:      Deuteronomy 22:11 

All my Tallits are imported from Israel  ~ They come in various sizes  72" wide  x 27"- 107" long

Also available is a book by 'Dr Rick Kurnow'   -  The Tallis (Prayer Shawl) and The Tzit Tzit (Fringes)

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