Anointing Oil Myrrh 2oz
Anointing Oil Myrrh 2oz

Anointing Oil Myrrh 2oz

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Myrrh Anointing Oils


Golden oil is pressed from the choice selected fruit of the olive tree. The product is procured by import and is then master-blended together in exact proportion with God's loveliest most incredible fragrances on earth - to be used by His children for the express purpose of anointing and blessing.


 “The Beloved...”  in Song of Solomon; 5:5-13, “My hands dripped with liquid Myrrh.”  

•  Exodus 30:23-25, “The Lord spoke to Moses saying; Also take for yourself Quality Spices - Five hundred shekels   of liquid Myrrh

•  You shall make from these a Holy Anointing Oil

•   “Is any among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of The Lord!” 

 “You shall Anoint” them, that they may minister to me    -   Exodus 3:30

 Anointing Oil of Healing & Blessing    

•  All Oils Are Genuine with Imported Ingredients

•  3 Sizes:  2oz - 1oz - 1/2oz