Anointing Oil Frankincense   1/2oz
Anointing Oil Frankincense   1/2oz

Anointing Oil Frankincense 1/2oz

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Frankincense Anointing Oils


Golden oil is pressed from the choice selected fruit of the olive tree. The product is procured by import and is then master-blended together in exact proportion with God's loveliest most incredible fragrances on earth - to be used by His children for the express purpose of anointing and blessing.


•  In Leviticus 2:1-2 this precious oil was used for a Holy anointing and an offering to The Lord

•  In Matthew 2:11 the wise men fell down and worshipped baby Jesus and they presented unto Him gifts

•  Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh 

•  Exodus 30:34  The Lord said unto Moses:  Take unto thee sweet spices, with pure Frankincense; of each shall be a like weight

•  It is obvious from these scriptures that Frankincense played a vital role in History to anoint His chosen people.

•  Anointing Oil of Healing & Blessing    

•  All Oils Are Genuine with Imported Ingredients

•  3 Sizes:  2oz - 1oz - 1/2oz