Words of Boldness   (Med)
Words of Boldness   (Med)
Words of Boldness   (Med)
Words of Boldness   (Med)

Words of Boldness (Med)

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Words of Boldness  Medium     Designer Flag Bag

  • Rock Star, Inventor, Rebel, Brave, Artis & Much More!  
  • Accented with Pink Ribbon Trim  
  • Matching Flag Bag Tote Listed   
  • This Is The LAST Flag Bag You Will Ever Need
  • 1 ~ Gold Keyring Fob
  • 1 - Small Pocket & 1- Large Pocket 
  • 100%  'NO'  Snagging of Your Flags  
  • All Seams Sealed with Bias Tape
  • Medium Size Flag Bag
  • Measures  36” h x 13” w  ~  100% Cotton         
  • Holds 15-25 Sets of Flags, depending on flag sizes 
  • Durable Moss Green Carrying Handle 
  • 100% Coated Mesh for a Durable Body
  • Well-constructed with a Durable Rubber Bottom
  • One of a Kind Flag Bag

                                                                                                           The Perfect Place To Store Your Warring Flags!!                 Protect What's Most Important To You, Your Silk Flags!!

  • Please watch this YouTube Review done by Kimberly Brown-Phillips - Here you will see the full extent of each Flag Bag's functionality :                                                    https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=dLk4HB7JuvU