Baby ~ Toddler ~ Child Size Designer Flag Bags

Train Up a Child in The Way He Should Go                                Prov 22:6 

Here is the reason I now carry "BABY" Designer Flag Bags:   Jamie called and ordered a Custom Flag Bag & Flag Bag Tote matching set, then she asked if I had any baby Flag Bags, I said yes they are listed.  Jamie said no they are too large!  I asked how old is your child? (1 1/2yrs) -   She said Landon is still an infant!  Jamie said she wanted one for him so he can get use to having them around & carrying them!

Hummm, I had to rethink about a baby size?!?   Jamie was right we need to start them young!  I came up with a light weight, extra small mini Designer Flag Bag!    They are the cutest things!  I now have '2' sizes:   Baby/Toddler & Child size

Features of my Designer Baby, Toddler & Child Size Designer Flag Bags:

  • ALL are "ONE of A KIND"
  • They Are Meant to Be Played With, To Have Fun  
  • Lightweight
  • 1 Gold or Silver Keyring Fob
  • 1 - Small Pocket & 1 - Large Pocket
  • Well-Constructed & Durable
  • ALL seams are Doubled & Tripled seamed
  • All seams are Sealed with Seam Binding
  • 100%  'NO' Snagging  of Your Flags
  • Baby-Toddler DFB Measure:  18"h x 6"
  • Child Size DFB Measures:  30"h x 10"
  • 100% Coated Mesh for a Durable Body
  • Durable Carrying Handle
  • Designer Flag Bags are made of 100% Cotton
  • Well-constructed with a Durable Gusset Bottom


Custom Orders are Welcomed:

  • "IF you see a Flag Bag listed that's faded out or it says 'Sold'   that means I have more fabric & can make you another one  with a different trim, so they are 'not' alike
  • Send me your fabric & I will make up a Flag Bag or Flag Bag Tote for you  -   NO extra cost - 1 Yard is needed
  • I can make Team bags, with Logos
  • Customized with Name, Ministry Name/Logo or Both
  • I can customize the height & width of Flag Bags & Totes

Watch this YouTube Review done by Kimberly Brown-Phillips - Here you will see the full extent of the function of each Flag Bag:

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